Exhibitions (Selected)          

2021/2 Grayson's Art Club Exhibition, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.          

2021 Aberdeen Artists Society Online Summer Exhibition                             

2021 Grayson's Art Club series 2, episode 2, Channel 4, 5 March.                  

            2020 Grayson's Art Club series 1, episode 2, Channel 4, 4 May.                                 

2020 Borders Art Fair, Visual Arts Scotland section, Kelso.                            

2019 The Great North Art Show, Ripon Cathedral.                                           

2018 Arusha Gallery, Dundas Street, Edinburgh                                               

2017 Le Dame Art Gallery, London.                                                                     

2016 'Fly' Visual Arts Scotland, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.           

2015 'Converge' Visual Arts Scotland, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.

2015 Arusha Gallery, Dundas Street, Edinburgh.                                             

2012 'Celebration of Sport', Outside the White Cube, London.                     

2009 Summer Exhibition, Paisley Art Institute, Paisley.                                

2007 In Celebration of Scottish Art, St Petersburg, Russia.                          

             2007 Scottish Drawing Competition, Paisley Art Institute, Paisley.                          

          2006 Summer Exhibition, The Royal Academy of Arts, London.                            

            2003 The Pastel Society Annual Exhibition, Mall Gallery, London.                          

2001 The Pastel Society Annual Exhibition, Mall Gallery, London.              

2000 The Pastel Society Centenary Exhibition, Mall Gallery, London.       

2000 Annual Exhibition, The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.            

    1971 The Edinburgh School 1947-1971, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh.

1969 The Scottish Pernod Competition, Edinburgh.                                      

 1968 Scottish Young Contemporaries, Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh.          

1967 The Edinburgh Open 100, Edinburgh.                                                     


The work of San Francisco-based artist GILLIAN MATHER DA (EDIN) MA(RCA)     
email:gillianmather@btinternet.com has been known to push artistic boundaries. Their approach has made them one of the premier names of their generation and they are acclaimed by critics and fans alike.

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